Next PM of India Who will be next pm of India

Next PM of India Who will be next pm of India

Next PM of India? Who will be next pm of India

Introduction: Next PM of India, A recent India Today-CVoter Mood of the Nation poll has shed light on the potential outcome of India’s 2024 general elections. Despite facing the newly-formed INDIA (Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance) alliance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) are poised to secure a third consecutive term in office.

“Modi Set to Secure Third Term in 2024: India Today-CVoter Mood of the Nation Poll Reveals”

“BJP-Led NDA Projected to Win 306 Seats with 43% Vote Share, INDIA Alliance at 193 Seats with 41% Vote Share”

The Electoral Landscape:

In this comprehensive survey, the BJP-led NDA is projected to claim 306 seats with a 43% vote share. On the other hand, the INDIA alliance is expected to garner 193 seats with a 41% vote share. While the BJP’s seat count might dip slightly from its 2019 Lok Sabha performance, it’s still predicted to comfortably cross the majority mark with 287 seats.

“Modi’s BJP Expected to Cross Majority Mark with 287 Seats Despite Dip, Congress Sees a Marginal Rise”

“Survey Indicates INDIA Alliance Gaining Ground in West Bengal and Bihar, BJP Holds Strong in Uttar Pradesh”

Vote Share Dynamics:

The BJP’s vote share is likely to increase by 2% to reach nearly 39%, maintaining its dominant position. The Congress party is also expected to see a 2% increase in its vote share, reaching 22%, although it still faces a considerable 17% gap with the BJP. Other political parties are predicted to witness a minor drop in their combined vote share from 43% to 39%.

State-wise Insights:

The INDIA alliance appears to be gaining ground in certain states. In West Bengal, the alliance is projected to win 24 out of 42 seats, while the NDA is expected to secure 18, mirroring the 2019 results. In Bihar, the INDIA alliance may clinch 26 seats, while the NDA could get 14. This marks a significant shift from the last election, where the NDA had a landslide victory with 39 out of 40 seats.

“Majority Believe INDIA Alliance Faces Uphill Battle Against BJP in 2024, Name Change Effects Debated”

Uttar Pradesh: BJP’s Stronghold:

The poll suggests that the BJP might replicate its 2014 performance in Uttar Pradesh, potentially securing 72 out of 80 seats with nearly 49% of the vote share. In contrast, the INDIA alliance, which includes the Samajwadi Party, may only secure 8 seats with a 38% vote share.

Public Perception and Name Change:

Interestingly, a majority of respondents in the survey (54%) expressed doubt about the INDIA alliance’s ability to defeat the BJP, while 33% believed it could. The recent name change from UPA (United Progressive Alliance) to INDIA has also generated discussions. Approximately 39% of respondents felt that the name change could attract votes for the alliance, while 30% believed it might not have a significant impact.

Leadership Preference:

Regarding leadership within the INDIA alliance, Rahul Gandhi emerged as the most favored choice, followed by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

As India gears up for its 2024 elections, these poll findings provide valuable insights into the evolving political landscape and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for both the BJP-led NDA and the newly-formed INDIA alliance.


Next PM of India Who will be next pm of India

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