Luis Rubiales Resigns Amid Controversy Spanish Soccer Federation President

Luis Rubiales Resigns Amid Controversy Spanish Soccer Federation President

Luis Rubiales Resigns Amid Controversy Spanish Soccer Federation President

Luis Rubiales, Resigns Amid Controversy: In a shocking turn of events, Luis Rubiales, the head of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, has officially resigned from his position as President, as well as his role as Vice President of UEFA, following weeks of controversy and public outcry. The decision comes after a national scandal erupted when Rubiales kissed a member of Spain’s women’s soccer team on the lips following their victory at the World Cup last month.

Luis Rubiales: Announcement of Resignation

In a statement released on Sunday via social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Rubiales announced his resignation, citing the swift suspension imposed by FIFA and ongoing legal proceedings against him as factors that made his return to his position impossible. Rubiales expressed that the backlash had taken a toll on his family and loved ones, but he also noted that the truth was gradually emerging amidst the controversy.

The incident that triggered this scandal occurred when Rubiales kissed Jennifer Hermoso, a star player of Spain’s women’s team, after their victory over England in the World Cup final in Sydney, Australia, on August 20. Initially offering a tepid apology, Rubiales later reversed his stance, alleging that Hermoso had initiated the close encounter on stage, near the Spanish queen.

Complaint from Jennifer Hermoso on Luis Rubiales

The controversy swiftly escalated, with Spanish prosecutors opening a sexual assault case following a formal complaint from Jennifer Hermoso. Female players announced their refusal to take the field for the national team as long as Rubiales remained in charge, and FIFA imposed a 90-day suspension on him. Additionally, the Spanish government, including Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, condemned Rubiales’s actions as “unacceptable.”

The scandal has raised questions about the cultural divide between traditional machismo values and more recent progressivism in Spain, positioning the nation at the forefront of feminist and equality issues. The hashtag #seacabó, meaning “it’s over,” has gained widespread support as Jennifer Hermoso’s account is backed by players and organizations, including the United Nations’ human rights office.

Reaction of Family

While some supporters of Rubiales applauded his defense during a federation meeting in August, the controversy led to the removal of Jorge Vilda, the coach of Spain’s World Cup-winning women’s soccer team, further highlighting issues within the Spanish women’s soccer community.

In an Media interview on “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” Rubiales explained that he reached the decision to resign after consulting with friends and family, who emphasized the importance of preserving his dignity and moving forward.

Luis Rubiales Resigns Amid Controversy Spanish Soccer Federation President


Víctor Francos, the president of Spain’s National Sports Council, hailed Rubiales’s resignation as “good news for the government” and expressed the need for legislative changes to enhance public control over sports federations.

The resignation of Luis Rubiales marks a significant development in the ongoing debate about gender equality, respect, and accountability within the world of soccer and beyond.

The resignation of Luis Rubiales the head of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and Vice President of UEFA signifies a crucial moment in the ongoing dialogue surrounding gender equality and respect within the realm of soccer. This unprecedented turn of events serves as a stark reminder of the power of collective voices in holding individuals accountable for their actions.

While the controversy surrounding Mr. Luis Rubiales may have temporarily diverted attention from the remarkable achievements of Spain’s national women’s soccer team, it has also shed light on the broader societal shift occurring in Spain, where traditions of machismo are increasingly challenged by progressive ideals of feminism and equality. The use of the hashtag #seacabó has become emblematic of a growing movement demanding change and accountability.

As the world watches this evolving story of Luis Rubiales, it is imperative that stakeholders within the sport, the government, and society at large continue to work together to create an environment of inclusivity, respect, and fairness for all athletes, coaches, and officials. The resignation of Mr. Rubiales marks a pivotal moment in this ongoing journey, emphasizing the importance of maintaining dignity, integrity, and a commitment to promoting positive values in the world of sports.

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