Master Wato: WWE Wrestler's Personal Life, Biography, Age, Net Worth, and Unknown Facts

Master Wato: WWE Wrestler's Personal Life, Biography, Age, Net Worth, and Unknown Facts

Master Wato: WWE Wrestler's Personal Life, Biography, Age, Net Worth, and Unknown Facts

Master Wato: Professional wrestling has a way of captivating audiences worldwide, and one wrestler who has left a mark in the world of WWE is Wato. Known for his high-flying moves and charismatic presence, Wato has become a fan favorite. In this article, we dive into his personal life, biography, age, net worth, and some lesser-known facts about the wrestling sensation.

Master Wato Personal Life

Wato, whose real name is Yujiro Kushida, was born on May 25, 1983, in Tokyo, Japan. He developed a passion for professional wrestling at a young age and pursued it relentlessly to become one of the top stars in the industry.

Master Wato Biography

Wato’s journey in professional wrestling began in 2005 when he joined New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). He started his career under his real name, Kushida, and quickly made a name for himself as a skilled and agile wrestler. Throughout his tenure with NJPW, he achieved significant success, including multiple championship reigns.

One of Kushida’s defining characteristics was his technical prowess and aerial maneuvers. His ability to combine mat-based wrestling with high-flying acrobatics made him a standout performer in the ring.

In 2019, Kushida made a significant career move by signing with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). He adopted the ring name “Kushida” in WWE and quickly made his presence felt in the NXT (WWE’s developmental brand) roster. His exciting style and in-ring skills garnered attention, and he became a vital part of NXT’s cruiserweight division.

Master Wato Age

As of September 2023, Wato, aka Kushida, is 40 years old. Despite being in his 40s, he continues to perform at a high level and entertain fans with his remarkable wrestling abilities.

Master Wato Net Worth

While the exact net worth of Wato is not publicly disclosed, it’s well-known that successful WWE wrestlers can earn a substantial income through their wrestling contracts, merchandise sales, and appearances. With his talent and popularity, Kushida is likely to have a comfortable net worth.

Master Wato’s Unknown Facts

Now, let’s delve into some lesser-known facts about Wato:

  1. Early Training: Before pursuing a career in professional wrestling, Kushida trained in mixed martial arts (MMA). His background in MMA added an element of realism to his wrestling style.
  2. Championship Success: During his time with NJPW, Kushida captured the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship six times. His reigns were marked by thrilling matches and rivalries.
  3. Time-Traveling Persona: In NJPW, Kushida adopted a unique time-traveling persona, often appearing with a Back to the Future-inspired gimmick, complete with Marty McFly-style attire.
  4. Global Recognition: Kushida’s talents have been recognized not only in Japan but also on the international stage. He has wrestled against some of the best talents from around the world.
  5. WWE Debut: Kushida made his WWE debut at NXT TakeOver: New York in 2019, where he faced and defeated the highly regarded wrestler, Drew Gulak.
  6. NXT Cruiserweight Champion: In NXT, Kushida captured the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, showcasing his ability to adapt and succeed in different wrestling environments.


Master Wato, or Kushida, continues to be a respected and admired figure in the world of professional wrestling. His journey from Japan to WWE is a testament to his dedication and skill. As he continues to entertain fans with his thrilling matches and high-flying maneuvers, he remains a prominent and beloved wrestler in the global wrestling community.


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