Stock Market Trends 2023

1. Metals

The sector has shown a modest gain of 4.92% since April

2. Utilities

With a 6.33% increase since April

3. Textiles 

the textiles sector has recovered slightly, gaining 6.54% since April

4. FMCG 

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods sector has experienced a steady rise of 6.94% since April

5. Energy

The energy sector has seen notable growth of 7.74% since April

6. Chemicals

This sector has recorded a gain of 9.48% since April

7. Technology

With a significant increase of 9.85% since April

8. Banking

The banking sector has rebounded strongly, with a rise of 10.76% since April

9. Healthcare

healthcare sector has seen substantial growth of 12.76% since April

10. Cement

The cement sector has showing a gain of 13.39% since April

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