Investing in Art: A 7-Step Guide for New Art Collector

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1. Learn About the Trade 


important to understand the industry as a whole – market trends, how it functions, what impacts it and what the latest developments

Interacting with experienced art collectors, curators, professional art consultants, gallery owners and artists can help aspiring and emerging collectors make more informed decisions. 

2. Network with Experts 

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3. Learn about the Artist

A significant part of your pre-purchase research should be about the artist. 

4. Create a Balanced Portfolio 

While building your collection, it is important to balance your portfolio and hedge your bets.

Awareness is monumental while investing in art, but it is equally important to have fun building your collection and truly love the pieces you pick.  

5. Back Emotion with Research

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6. Plan for a Growing Collection

7. Have the Right Psyche 

Not to Art is a long-term investment, and it is judicious for collectors to have the right mindset while investing in it mention, holidays are just around the corner!


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